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Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

We must understand the system that brings manifestation.

You are already prospered, equipped and funded beyond measure in glory realms. This reality is yours in your spirit man. You don’t have to get it; it is already yours.

The assignment for every believer is to manifest it and walk in it in this earthly dimension. This must happen through the SOUL. We must prosper in the soul area of life. This is done by renewing the mind, which is part of the soul. Your soul must be trained to be a vessel through which spiritual realities can be experienced in manifest form in the earthly realm.

You manifest prosperity in the outer as you prosper in the inner. The challenge is not to get money and resources; the challenge is to deluge your soul with spiritual truth – the truth that you already are supplied. When you do this, the resources and finances will manifest.

Kings don’t need to beg for things. They are already funded.

They are already funded!

You already have in Christ all the resources you need – salvation, eternal life, healing, freedom, riches beyond measure. You are funded. You are resourced and God meets your need out of the infinite supply in glory dimensions.

The task you have is to manifest this supply here. That doesn’t involve “getting” it. You already have it.

Faith is the hupostasis of the things you require to be manifest. Hupostasis is the heavenly essence and reality of these things. Here is the thing you must grasp: Hupostasis manifests as the thing you desire. The hupostasis of healing will manifest as healing if you flood your soul with it.

The SUBSTANCE of whatever you need or desire will manifest in this physical dimension if that SUBSTANCE (hupostasis) is deliberately fed into your soul by the spoken Word of God in your mouth.

Faith comes by hearing the Word, which means SUBSTANCE comes by hearing the Word, which means the thing you desire comes by hearing the Word.

As your SOUL goes through this process, the things you require or desire manifest in your life. Supply is governed by spiritual law and the science of faith.

The assignment for every believer is to manifest here on earth what is already ours in the glory.


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