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The wealth of the nations will come to you. ISAIAH 60:5

To take a nation you must first take its economy.

Nations are built on their economies; a weak economy will sooner or later result in a weak nation.

It’s no coincidence that the United States was the strongest nation on earth while it was the wealthiest and most powerful economically. The decline in America’s might stems from its ongoing demise in recent times in economic terms.

God’s plan for nations incorporates the Abrahamic Blessing, both individually and corporately, as well as nationally. That Blessing is choked when governments and peoples turn from godliness to depravity and embrace bankrupt systems such as socialism.

Commanding the economy is vital for Christians who take seriously the Great Commission mandate to disciple the nations. The economy, of course, is not just the financial markets and commerce. It includes other 7 Mountain spheres such as Education, Media and Civic Government.

The Babylonian economy will collapse, as prophesied in Revelation chapter 18. However, this does not mean a descent into oblivion for the 7 Mountains but a transition to a Kingdom-centric paradigm. Equally, the loss of wealth mourned by merchants and kings is not an obliteration of assets; it is a transfer from their control to the people of God.

The occult masters whose puppet strings control world events understand their time of dominion is soon to end, hence the present desperate attempts to lockdown the planet. These attempts are all in vain. As Horace Bushnell prophesied, the money power will be Christianised and the Kingdom ushered in to full manifestation.

The great endtime battle will be fought over the economy. It is a battle already won by the Lord Jesus. The economy will fall to Christ. The gold and silver will be magnetised to the last days temple, which is us as His Body.

The Kingdom is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave.

And nothing can stop it…

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