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Lavish generosity is key to walking in dimensions of glory in the last days. The Early Church could not tolerate having poor brothers and sisters in the assembly. Those who had land and possessions sold what they had so that no-one would suffer lack among them.

This is not socialism. Socialism is the counterfeit of ekklesia just as politics is the counterfeit of the Kingdom. Socialism is the enslavement of the masses but Kingdom Wealth is the liberation of those who will confess that Jesus is Lord.

Kingdom Wealth is not earned wealth; it is entitled wealth. Of course, that is not a licence for indolence or laziness. The entitlement is because you are a royal priesthood. You are a king and priest after the Order of Melchizedek.

YHWH desires that we walk in this.

Identity is destiny. When you know you are a king and priest, you will walk in that royal identity. Then you will see the supply of a king manifest in this physical dimension.

The job of kings is to look after the poor (see Psalm 72). Your role as a king-priest after the Order of Melchizedek is to destroy systemic poverty in the earth. In God’s economy, only the very wicked and the extremely lazy will know poverty. Of course, this refers to life on earth. In heaven, poverty is not permitted and there are only perfect saints.

Generosity is not a lever to manipulate God with in order that He will bless you. Generosity is the flowing out of the inner divine nature. The Indwelling Master is generous beyond measure and He lives His Life in us, through us, as us.

Kingdom Wealth is shared wealth and distributed wealth. It is not selfish hoarding. That isn’t to say that saving and storing resources is wrong; it is all about the motive.

There must be a hatred of poverty mixed with love of the brethren in us. We must not be satisfied knowing that our brethren are going without. Now, I am not talking about guilt here because we have nice things. You are supposed to have nice things but you are also supposed to be content having food and raiment. Yes, this seems like a contradiction but it is actually a paradox. The Christian life is lived in the paradox and that is because the thing that matters is the heart.

We must look at the heart, not at outward things. The life of the believer is lived in and from the heart. Kingdom Wealth is a heart matter. Carnal Christians and people with religious devils despise the message of Kingdom Wealth.

You need to understand that religious devils are best friends with poverty devils. So religious demons will attack any message that has the power to destroy poverty in someone’s life.

For the hard of hearing and the spiritual dullard, we say it plain: Kingdom Wealth is about being blessed to be a blessing. It is about lifting the poor out of the dunghill and placing them in kings’ palaces.

If your gospel isn’t good news to a poor man, it ain’t the Gospel.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to systemic poverty in the earth.

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