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God’s Will Is Wealth

I have been an abundance preacher for many years. I’ve preached it through times of biting poverty and times of wonderful prosperity.

For me, abundant wealth is not about my experience, it is spiritual truth and reality. It has nothing to do with the opinions of men but only about what God has said.

It’s interesting to me that over the years the most vehement opposition to the truth of Kingdom wealth has come from two groups of people – those who are comfortably well off and those who have the hustle on.

Christians who are what we used to call middle class and live in nice homes can be the fiercest of critics when it comes to the message of abundance. To them, the message is vulgar. It’s like : “God forbid we should teach those poor folks they can prosper and have some of them come live beside us in our quiet leafy avenue.”

To these snobs, prosperity is not for lower classes. Their mantra is: “God doesn’t want everybody to be rich, you know.” Thankfully, 2 Corinthians 8:9 is still in the Bible. Of course, they aren’t included in the constituency of the poor that God has picked out to struggle with poverty, debt and oppression.

Then there are the hustlers. These are the folks – and there are many of them – who are quite vicious in their decrying of anyone who preaches a message that seeks to help people financially. Yet they are hustling for money themselves, running businesses and doing dodgy, often downright criminal things to get a buck.

I have known pastors who rail against the prosperity gospel yet are so riddled with the love of money they are always hustling for £££s and am aware of awful acts of violent criminality in the pursuit of it.

Then there are the big-name preachers who have become millionaires preaching and writing against… preachers who are millionaires.

I just keep preaching what the Lord has told me to preach – that THE BLESSING OF ABRAHAM is for every believer, that it is established by God’s giving of His power to get wealth, that Jesus died to get this wonderful blessing upon us all, that abundance can be ours through unmerited favour being lavished upon us so that we can have all sufficiency at all times with more than enough overflow to bless every good work and that Kingdom wealth is ours to be a blessing.

I don’t care about what naysayers have to say, nor do I have any truck with poverty devils or religious demons.

God wants a generation to steward the wealth transfer that is coming, a people positioned to take over when Babylon falls.

I believe that can be our generation if we will put aside childish things and dopey doctrine, taking our place as God’s end time ekklesia.

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