When The Gospel Ain’t The Gospel

Benny Hinn’s pronouncement on the Prosperity Gospel is about 30 years too late for me.

I am not having a pop here at Brother Benny. I remember driving my uncle down to the Manchester Arena to hear Benny some years back and I remember putting some serious money into the offering. I also remember that my uncle left that meeting without his cancer and lived in good health for many years. So I won’t be jumping on any bandwagon attacking Benny Hinn.

What I mean by 30 years too late is that, after some serious seeking God on my part regarding financial prosperity, He gave me awesome revelations that continue to this day. The essence of which is this: We as believers are not made rich by our giving; we are made rich by Jesus becoming poor on the cross. Abundance financially is our Covenant right.

You don’t get rich by giving to preachers or “sowing a seed that hurts.” You get rich by being a child of God and thus an heir.

Giving is a vital thing and you will get blessed for it. But not if you do it out of fear, religious pressure or garbage doctrine like the give-big-to-get-big so-called prosperity Gospel which isn’t good news and is just a manipulative tool to get money out of YOUR pocket and into the preacher’s.

Kingdom Wealth is all about knowing that God wants us rich for HIS purpose and that we are stewards on assignment.

Prosperity is a blessing obtainable by FAITH, not by being guilted into giving till it hurts.

You don’t have to break the back of poverty with your seed. Jesus broke it by being the Seed of Abraham and taking the curse of poverty upon Him on the cruel tree.

In many ways the Prosperity Gospel is an aberration of the true Gospel. One of the things God said to me back then was that I wasn’t a Prosperity preacher, I was an ABUNDANCE preacher! My message is that people can walk in God’s abundant provision, not prosperity that relies on giving and legalistic tithing.

Renew your mind on these matters and see your financial life radically change for the better!

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